Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fiction Explosion!

After the flood of requests we finally got our act into gear and made Flickspin a whole lot broader. We've now opened up a whole new fiction area for short stories, poetry and web-novels!

This expansion brings some big style changes for these new format types where we've kept things as clean as possible and done our best to make the published work the star of the show. Let us know what you think.

If the new fiction area wasn't enough we've also added in some more non-fiction sections: reviews, recipes and helpful how-tos. All new format types can be added to Flickspin by using the good old word processor you'll find in

Changes to the revenue share system

With the new expansion of the site and our need to keep our marketing message clear we've made some changes to revenue share percentages for published works. Here are the percentages that go into the writer's pocket:

Non-fiction: 75% (this includes blogs!)
Fiction: 50%

(Log into Flickspin to find out more details.)

For those not interesting in making money we've also added the option to turn the ads off for their pages. This switch can be found within the settings area under For those leaning the other way and want to make the most our of their published work, the settings area also has the option to increase ad exposure on their pages (where available). By catering to both ends of the spectrum we feel we can make writers happy for whatever reason they enjoy writing.

Have a happy Easter!

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