Sunday, January 4, 2009

Funky New Retro Layout

Everyone knows Retro is back. And so moving with the times the site has undergone its 3rd major style change since the launch in March 2008. This new layout style has already given Flickspin a lift with a noticeable boost in page views per visitor. This is based only on a limited set of data but we think this will be the trend because not only does the site look better it's becoming even easier to browse.

There are a whole host of other changes planned and most of them will hopefully be implemented this month. Most of the work will centre on promoting imagery and articles.

It's exciting times and so great to see the site evolving. If you have and comments on the new stylings let us know!


Anonymous said...
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John Horn said...

Not sure what the format was before, but this one is great. Do you know what it could use, though? A sweet, sweet picture. Like the one on The Weekly Gumboot!

Nice job. Have fun with it!