Monday, February 23, 2009

New Blog & Profile Area Stylings

Since we announced the funky new retro layout last month we've been working hard to finish off the job with the blog and profile areas getting a massive overhaul. Having become a blogger of sorts, I knew full well the short comings of the old flickspin blog and profile areas. With the new profile options and custom stylings this thing feels sweet and looks sweet. What a combo!

Here's a hint of what we're talking about:

Wondering about the changes, check them out:
  • brand new layout & colour scheme - still looks hot on the iPhone too
  • fully customisable header images,
  • a new blog roll listing,
  • room for a note or quote,
  • a listing for hobbies and interests,
  • and last but not least... an experimental external RSS feed reader - aka the EERSSFR.
The EERSSFR sounds confusing but is there simply to help writers to promote their blogs or article feeds from other sites. This is great way to let readers find out more about your work and it will always show your latest articles. We think it's pretty cool - even if it is experimental.

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