Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flickspin's Feature Writers

In the latest round of changes to Flickspin there have been a number of modifications to the category pages. Not only are the pages a little more pleasing to the eye but you might just see a feature writer gracing the odd category homepage. The feature writers have gained their new status by writing frequently for a given category. Not only will they receive greater profile on the site they can also collect 100% of the ad revenue for the Google ads on their category homepage.

If you are interested in becoming a feature writer for a category, sign up with the Flickspin writing community if you're not already a writer and when you submit an article or fact-file for review just mention your intention of which category you'd like be a feature writer for via the message the editor field. Then at the end of every month the line up of feature writers is reviewed. The criteria used to decide which writers become feature writers are detailed on the "Feature Categories" page within your "My Desk" area, but the basic idea is that it is based around the idea of the selecting the writer with the most articles written for a category over the previous 3 months. Depending on the community's thoughts, this may change in the future.

It's a pretty exciting new feature for Flickspin and we're glad to be helping to promote writers on their efforts.


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