Thursday, July 30, 2009

Freedom to Self-publish

The latest major update to Flickspin now allows writers with a proven record to have the option to self-publish or choose to have work edited. Not only that but there is now a choice as to which editor you'd like to converse with. This also means previously published works can be modified by writers without resubmission for editing, but again the choice is optional.

With these new changes in place we feel there is a better balance between the freedom to write and the necessity to maintain quality work on the site. To date the quality of published work on Flickspin has been amazing and most of it comes down to the raw talent of the writers.

These changes have also brought a new member to the Flickspin team, Bay Oliver has joined our ranks to provide writers with a new choice if they wish to have their work edited. She has a degree in journalism and experience on the frontlines of print media. A master of words and grammar, she is a great asset behind the Flickspin team.

This update also brings along a host of smaller and more subtle changes, most of which are not worth mentioning. For those writers looking to supe things up a bit and wanting to get more out of writing for Flickspin, be sure to fire off some comments and ideas (


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