Friday, September 25, 2009

Images, Images, Images (+ other stuff)

As mentioned previously, today is the day to introduce the latest changes to the Flickspin writing community.

Images - Bigger and Brighter:
With some help from some open source code (slimbox + mootools), images on articles, etc. are now displayed in a very user friendly viewer. Readers only need to click on an image to pop-up the viewer where they can then browse through all of the included images in a much larger size.

Images - Uploading and Including:
Here is where a lot of work went into the latest release; images can now be uploaded without being taken to a new page. This feature was frequently requested and we are happy to have come through with the goods. Not only have we improved the upload process, writers can now place their images exactly where they want them displayed within a post.

Including images in a post has been made easy by the use of drag-and-drop technology to move images from the shared image gallery or a writer's own image gallery into the post. Once the images are included it's then easy to add captions.

Images - Profile + Blog Stylings:
Not only did we make it easy to add images to posts we also made it easy add/change portrait and header images for your profile and blog by utilising the drag-and-drop technology. We think it's pretty cool too.

Fact File Spruce:
Fact files have had a bit of a polish whereby we've reduced the size of the ads and made the display area of the text a fair amount wider. This gives the page a better overall feel and leaves layout of the page performing it's intended purpose; conveying short sharp tips to readers that mostly come from search engines while aiming for a high ad click rate by having the ad in the webpage visual hostspot.

Here's an example

Improved Related Article Algorithm:
The relation of some of the items in the related articles list was a bit unusual at times. We've taken a few extra steps to help keep things more inline and make it more appealing to readers and more meaningful to search engines.


All comments and feedback welcome. Also, if you haven't signed up with the site be sure to get a wriggle on.

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