Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little by Little...

Today saw the release of some new code to the site. Most of it revolves around little fix-ups and style changes around the site - nothing too major. The main pages adjusted were the about us page, the homepage, the search page and the login page.

This release actually leads on from one a few weeks ago that saw the stylised toolbar added to the profile areas. Looks pretty spiffy too and does a great job of tidying up the profile and blog pages.

One other area that was recently updated was the join the web writing community page where we are campaigning to grow the community with some more members. We've made it easier for people to sign up as well as find out what we are about.

Now that we've done a bit of a tidy of house to the public areas of the site, we've got our eyes on revamping the beloved "my desk" area. But before we get stuck in there is one really cool feature that will be built, launched, and mentioned here real soon.

Stay tuned.

Peace! Luke

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