Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog Via Email

The ability to blog via email is the latest feature on the site and coolest one we've had the pleasure to announce. This little doozy makes it just that much easier to keep on top of the art they call blogging. In fact, blogging doesn't get much easier. All our writers now need to do is fire off an email and that little message will make it on to the site within minutes. Pretty neat, hey?

The concept of blogging via email isn't new but it's never really taken off in any major form. One reason that things may be different now is that the mobile market is getting a hefty shake-up whereby email is becoming ubiquitous, and connectivity is becoming a non-issue.

It must be understood that blogging via email isn't just for those with fancy little gadgets. Email clients such as Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird all offer quality editing tools and a familiar interface that makes it just that much easier to keep the words flowing. Not only that but blogging via email also means you don't have to login and load up another application to post your work. It just makes things easy.

We've added a couple of little extras with the blog via email functionality that allows writers to select a category if they wish to do so as well as add any keywords they see fit. Details of the specifics are available once you login.

We really like the feature (as you can probably tell) and we hope our writers love it too.



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